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  • QuikTap SS – Wine Tap

    Serve draft wine with the confidence that it will taste exactly as it should. Every drop of your wine touches only 304 stainless steel. (External regulator and cylinder not included)
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  • The QuikTap SS - KeyKeg Edition is an all-in-one solution for portable KeyKeg dispensing. The QuikTap SS - KeyKeg Edition is built specifically for for use with KeyKeg by OneCircle, with an all stainless steel pathway and quality components. Includes: - Stainless steel KeyKeg coupler by Micro Matic - Adjustable pressure regulator with pressure gauge (0-60psi) - (1) 12 oz refillable food grade CO2 tank - All Stainless, Flow-Control faucet (Perlick 650ss) - 12" stainless steel dispensing rod - Standard plastic tap handle - 5-pack replacement Co2 tank o-rings Note:  Refillable CO2 tanks are shipped empty to comply with shipping safety protocols.
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  • The QuikTap CO2 Single Use Cylinder Adapter transforms your standard 12oz refillable CO2 tank regulator inlet and allows the usage of our 74g single use food grade CO2 cylinders. *This product is designed and manufactured to work with QuikTap's regulator and 74g CO2 cylinders only.
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  • Includes a bulk pack of (12) beverage grade, 18g Nitrogen, single use gas cylinders.
    • 99.5% Pure Nitrogen Gas
    • Thread size is 5/8"-18 UNF
    • Preferred gas to dispense Wine, Nitro Coffee, Stout Beer, Nitro Batch Cocktails
    • Empty steel cylinders are recyclable
    • Beverage Grade Gas - no oils or particulates in cylinders - just gas
    • Electrically sealed cylinders
    *NOTE: Can only be shipped via ground transportation due to DOT regulations. 
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  • QuikTap Keg Cooler

    QuikTap's Keg Cooler is specifically built for Cornelius and 1/6th barrel or 20L plastic kegs, complete with extra insulation, 2 extra carrying straps and dual zipper access specifically designed for easy use with your QuikTap and Corny keg connections! QuikTap SS + QuikTap Keg Cooler = POURTABILITY RE[DE]FINED *Now available in 1/2 barrel size! Select size in drop down menu.
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  • Pack everything you need into this convenient carrying case featuring customizable foam inserts. Easily fits one QuikTap, spare C02 cylinders, tap handle, tools, and more.

    • 42.5"X12.5"X5" Interior Dimensions
    • Watertight seal with pressure relief
    • Secure lock-downs

    *QuikTap and accessories sold separately

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  • Easily connect your QuikTap to bulk Co2 with this attachment. Comes with a coiled 15 foot hose, quick disconnects, and adapter piece to connect to QuikTap regulator. (Regulator and cylinder not included)
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  • Easily connect your QuikTaps to bulk Co2 with this attachment. Comes with two 15 foot coiled hoses, shut-off valves, quick disconnects, and adapter pieces to connect to QuikTap regulator. (Regulator and cylinder not included)

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  • NEW aluminum 22 cu ft Nitrogen/Argon cylinder with CGA580 valve is a versatile cylinder which is large enough in capacity for multiple uses yet light and very portable. Perfect for nitro coffee, wine and craft beer. Ships empty. 


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  • Beer, N2, Primary, Tank Mount, High Pressure, Wine, Coffee
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  • Wine Faucet Stainless 316 Grade
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