QuikTap has been one of the most versatile tools for us here at the Dirty Oar. From the first time it was set up to pour from a keg it performed flawlessly. We use QuikTaps for every beer festival and are always the envy of the breweries surrounding us. We even fabricated a custom table to accommodate the QuikTap. Our 8ft table has cut outs for 3 QuikTaps with drip bins underneath. Standing at the table instead of behind a keg is much more comfortable and efficient for serving at festivals. We also use the QuikTaps at the brewery frequently. We use them to force carbonate small batches in the keg. Probably the most consistent use for our QuikTaps is when we have a batch of beer in the cooler that hasn’t been put on tap yet. The QuikTap is the easiest way to get a sample out of the keg to taste its progress or just sneak a preview pint before everyone else!

Love the products, love the guys over at Quiktap. Quality products that has filled a gap we needed!
Andy Zapolnik, Two Guys Brewing
“QuikTap is hands down the best solution for Cocktails on Tap as well as a sanitary option for filling bottled cocktails in house. They have done all the work and created a perfect, low cost way to quickly get up and running with Cocktails on Tap. The system is user friendly and super easy to set up. There is no guess work required and the applications are endless. No need to lose a high profit beer tap or to buy expensive equipment. It is a small footprint taking up about a 12 inch square of space plus it can run completely stand alone with multiple options for Co2. Finally you can even do carbonated cocktails which have notoriously been difficult with other systems.

End of story, QuikTap is the #1 best solution for offering your guests a craft cocktail on tap or bottled cocktails that money can buy.”

Phillip R, Mixologist and National Account Manager for On Premise
Ian Grzybowski

The QuikTap is awesome. I’ve only had an opportunity to use them a handful of times but they are easy to set up and get going. Once you get it set perfectly, the beer flows beautifully.

Ian Grzybowski, New Belgium Brewing Company
Houston Jackson

This tap pays for itself. We took a keg on a camping trip and only finished about half of it. Three weeks later and the beer still tastes great. The QuikTap easily saved us $70 worth of beer.

Houston Jackson, QuikTap Customer
Ryan Soroka

Without a doubt, QuikTap is the best product we’ve come across for the mobile draft system. It is high-quality, reliable, and easy to use. It really has changed the game. Now, all we need to do is figure out what to do with all our old jockey boxes as QuikTap is a far superior solution.

Ryan Soroka, 8th Wonder Brewery
Asher Attick

The QuikTap has been very useful. Great for smaller intimate events, and the flow control is great. I’m still dialing in the pressure settings and figuring out what works best, but it’s extremely easy and the adapter for a 5lb tank is great.

Asher Attick, New Belgium Brewing Company
Chad Daniel

We kept our jockey boxes thinking we’d need them for festivals, but haven’t used them since we got our QuikTaps. Now we pre-load our kegs into the coolers and just wheel them around with a dolly. Then we can just slap on a QuikTap and we’re all set.

Chad Daniel, B-52 Brewing Co.
Dave Sorrell

I saw them out at Moon Tower last week demoing the taps and they worked like a champ dispensing a full 1/2bbl keg with a single CO2 tank. Very cool product and simple sturdy design takes the place of bulky difficult to clean jockey boxes.

Dave Sorrell, QuikTap Customer
Matt Greer

The QuikTap works perfectly at our outside bar for special events. We used four of them at our annual summer party and they made it a whole lot easier than jockey boxes.

Matt Greer, Moon Tower Brewing