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QuikTap® has proven to be a game changer in the Hotel and Resort world. From the reception cocktail at check in, to the evening’s last toast, QuikTap®  has everything you need to dispense your signature cocktails on tap, kegged wine, or draft beer, anywhere you need. QuikTap® specializes in portable dispensing solutions, for all types of beverages, without a large footprint and costly retrofits. You can do more with QuikTap® plain and simple.

Imagine being able to serve your guests faster and with more consistency, without adding additional staff. Create your beverage menu without limitations and add QuikTap® to your dispensing options. With QuikTap® the possibilities are endless and we invite you to take a look for yourself to see where you want to take your beverage program.  

Have questions or ready to get started? Give us a call at 855-784-5827


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Speed of Service

Serve as fast as you can pull a tap handle and take pressure off the rush of the first round of service

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Beverages on tap, anywhere you need to serve guests: from the , lobby to the pool, take QuikTap® with you

Consistency of Cocktail

Every cocktail recipe is consistent and made in larger batches, reducing waste and eliminating over-pouring

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Easily add draft beer, signature batch cocktails or wine to your portable bar offering

Profitability Icon


Faster service, consistency, and less waste means higher profits from your beverage program

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Low Cost of Entry

No expensive or complicated equipment requiring retrofits. QuikTap® pays for itself in days, not years




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  • QuikTap® SS: Stainless Steel Portable Beer Keg Tap

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Beverage Carts

QuikTap® Cocktail Dispensers for Golf have flexible mounting options for any golf cart, making them perfect for beverage carts.

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On The Beach

Events on the beach are always popular, your beverage options should be too.

Dining Outlets Icon

Dining Outlets

Offer your signature cocktails at your dining outlets on property, serving them faster and more consistently than ever before.

Pool Bar

Offer signature cocktails at your pool bar without the need for space for lots of ingredients, or even a full bartending staff. Just pour and serve. Easily add a draft beer or wine option to increase revenue.

Private Parties and Special Events

Serve large groups more efficiently than ever before, with a wider range of profitable beverages. Don’t limit yourself.

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Cabana Service

Add a signature cocktail on tap option for groups on your cabana menu. Favorite beer on tap, no problem!

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Lobby Reception Area

Offer your signature cocktail to guests checking in utilizing the QuikTap® Tabletop Dispenser.

Wedding Icon


Add a cocktail on tap option to your wedding beverage menu customized to the bride and groom. Add ice to a glass and pull the tap handle. Simple and fast.


DHG Logo Testimonials

“I work for a hotel company and have been partnering with QuikTap® to install systems at many of our hotels across the US as they are an amazing product. We use them at pool / banquet bars with pre-made cocktails and Sangria to allow us provide a quality consistent product at a bar that generally has limited space for a lot of complex ingredients.”

Tom Wilson, Davidson Hospitality Group

“QuikTap® has allowed us to offer our Members & Guests unique cocktails with the ease of simply pulling a handle. Our guest experience has been improved by having a quicker turnaround time with a quality product which allows our guests to get back to the course. This has been a great addition to our resort and club!”

Bryce Hannon, Hammock Beach Golf Resort & Spa



Can I mount the QuikTap® Tabletop Dispenser to my golf cart?2022-08-22T08:18:25-04:00

Yes! While there are several different brands and setups of beverage carts (and golf carts in general), and there is no “one seize fits all” solution, QuikTap® offers two primary mounting solutions that fit the vast majority of beverage carts:

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For more information about mounting options, please watch our video tutorial:

What do you mean by customization available?2022-08-10T07:40:22-04:00

This means that you can choose to have your 2.5 gallon stainless steel keg wrapped with a high quality vinyl wrap, made custom with your graphics/logo. When you purchase this option, we will email you the instructions and process to make this happen! Customization on average takes approximately 3-4 weeks to ship from the time of approved artwork.

Where can I order more gas for my QuikTap® Tabletop Dispenser?2022-08-22T08:18:33-04:00

Go to and order directly from our website!

Why Batch Mix Cocktails?2022-08-10T07:40:57-04:00

Batch mixing cocktails in larger format offers many benefits for higher volume accounts such as: increased speed of service, consistency of cocktail and reduced labor. Also a game changer for larger events such as weddings and private parties.

What’s the difference between the QuikTap® Cocktail Dispenser for Golf and the QuikTap® Tabletop Dispenser?2022-08-10T07:41:15-04:00

The QuikTap® Cocktail On Tap Golf Kit utilizes an internal check valve on the regulator assembly.  This is utilized to help avoid backflow into the regulator if the keg is mounted on a beverage golf cart.  The golf kit also comes standard with a stainless steel self closing faucet to prevent any accidental or unwanted pouring.

How do I keep the cocktails in the dispenser cold?2022-08-22T08:19:57-04:00

There are a few different options for this.  Many will pre-batch the cocktails and put them in the refrigerator or cooler.  In the very warm environments, we’ve seen users use a tub with ice and place the dispenser in them.  Best practice is to serve the cocktails over ice.

How many 2.5 gallon kegs will the 74g single use CO2 cylinder dispense?2022-08-22T08:20:19-04:00

The 74g CO2 cylinder is used to push the cocktail out from the keg.  Depending on many variables including ambient temperature, pouring PSI, or head space in the keg to name a few, each 74g cylinder on average will dispense qty 2, 2.25 gallon batches. The CO2 also acts as a natural preservative as well as, helping shelf life of natural ingredients.