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QuikTap® makes portable beverage dispensers that are portable, modular and easy to use making them perfect additions to beverage outlets at stadiums and events. Our lineup of portable dispensing products offer the opportunity to make your beverage service offering more versatile to capture more sales and profit. From game time to show time, QuikTap® has everything you need to dispense portably without a large footprint and costly retrofits. 

Imagine being able to serve your guests faster and with more consistency, without adding additional staff. Create your beverage menu without limitations and add QuikTap® to your dispensing options. Thinking of adding additional beverages to your existing outlets or testing a new space for service? With QuikTap® the possibilities are endless and we invite you to take a look for yourself to see where you want to take your beverage service. You can do more with QuikTap® plain and simple.

Have questions or ready to get started? Give us a call at 855-784-5827


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Speed of Service

Serve as fast as you can pull a tap handle! Add QuikTap® Dispensers to your high volume areas and take pressure off the rush and your staff

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Beverages on tap, anywhere you need to serve guests: from the main bar to satellite bars, QuikTap® makes it easy!

Consistency of Cocktail

Every cocktail recipe is consistent and made in larger batches, reducing waste and eliminating over-pouring

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Easily add draft beer, signature batch cocktails or wine to any of your beverage selling outlets, with a small footprint. Perfect for expanding your offering and becoming more efficient

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Faster service, consistency, and less waste means higher profits from your beverage service

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Low Cost of Entry

No expensive or complicated equipment requiring retrofits. QuikTap® pays for itself in days, not years


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  • QuikTap® SS: Stainless Steel Portable Beer Keg Tap

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  • QuikTap® SS – Wine Tap

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At Your Main Bar

Add QuikTap® products to your main bar service to enhance your offering 

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Beverage Outlets

QuikTap® dispensing products are ideal for satellite beverage stations

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Private Suites

Add a custom cocktail on tap menu for your suites. No bartender needed with our Tabletop Dispenser

Mobile Beverage Station

Create a mobile beverage station using QuikTap® products to test new concepts or sell more beverages!



Where can I purchase QuikTap® Products?2022-09-22T12:39:11-04:00

We offer all of our products direct to consumer, exclusively on our website at

When can I expect my order to ship?2022-09-22T12:38:55-04:00

This question has two answers:

  1. We strive to ship out all “non customized” orders within 48-72 hours from our warehouse in Michigan. We ship primarily through FedEx ground and delivery times vary from 1-4 days based on your location.
  2. Orders with customization (graphic wraps) ship withing 2-3 weeks after approved artwork proof.
What if I’m not sure what I need to order?2022-09-22T12:38:29-04:00

Feel free to shoot us an email to or give us a call at 855-784-5827  We will do our best to help!

How do your products work?2022-09-22T12:38:12-04:00

A lot of our dispensers have How-To Videos in the individual product description. You can also check out our Helpful Videos page HERE

Can you add brands and logos to your products? 2022-09-22T12:36:26-04:00

We do have products that have customizable graphic options, mainly for our spirit dispense products. You will see “Optional Customization” in the description of the products that have the capability of custom graphics.