How often do I need to clean and sanitize my QuikBOX®?2022-05-02T15:37:02-04:00

It is of paramount importance to keep your equipment clean and sanitized, not only for health reasons but for the longevity of your QuikBox®.  Immediately after each use, attach your cleaning keg of PBW (and after, starsan sanitizer) liberally through the entire unit. Let the PBW sit in all lines for 20 minutes.  Flush with Starsan sanitizer.   Disassemble the QuikBox® in reverse of assembly.  Hang up your Liquid beverage lines to dry.  Remove the ice and water from the cooler.  Store the QuikBox® with the top slightly ajar to allow sufficient airflow to dry. 

How do I setup my QuikBox?2022-05-02T15:34:13-04:00

The QuikBOX® made by QuikTap® is the best way to pour high volumes of your beverage cold while not diluting it with ice. In this video you will learn how to unpack, connect the self closing faucets, liquid lines and gas lines and get pouring portably in no time. This setup is built specifically for 5 gallon Cornelius style kegs.

My regulator or faucet disconnects are hard to put on the keg, what should I do?2022-02-07T15:55:12-05:00

There are a couple of reasons that this can happen and there is a simple solution!

  1. Check to make sure you are putting the the disconnects on the proper “posts” on the keg. The post marked “in” is for the regulator assembly (grey=gas) and the post marked “out” is for the faucet assembly (black=booze and booze comes out)
  2. Make sure you are pulling up on the collar of the disconnect when attaching to the keg!
  3. There is a black o-ring on both of the keg posts. Sometimes these will dry out over time and need some lubrication. Simply apply a small amount of food safe lubricant with your finger around the o-ring and this should solve your problem.
  4. Make sure the post o-ring isn’t damaged. If it is, simply replace it.
The lid on my keg is leaking gas – what do I do?2021-07-13T12:17:15-04:00

Each keg is pressure tested before it is sent out.  Here’s a few things to check and resolve the issue:

#1 Is the PRV (pressure relief valve) stuck open or loose? The PRV is located in the middle-top of the lid and has a small ring on it. If gas is leaking from the PRV, you will be able to feel or hear the gas exiting the keg.   Be sure it is fully seated by pulling up on it and watch it properly set in the down position.  Turn the ring clockwise to tighten the valve.  The PRV will also activate if the pressure inside the keg is too high.

#2 Is the lid aligned properly?  Release the lid and make sure all sides are evenly touching before locking.  A leak can occur if the lid is not attached correctly.

#3 Is the black rubber o-ring on the lid? Each lid comes with this o-ring.  Without this ring, there will not be an airtight seal.  At times (especially during long periods of storage), the lid o-ring can stick to the inside top of the keg.

#4 Using food safe lubricant, lubricate the o-ring generously.

If you still have questions, please contact us directly at 855-784-5827.  Cheers!

How do I mount the dispenser to my golf cart?2021-04-08T17:12:31-04:00

We have created 2 different mounting options to incorporate the QuikTap Dispenser for Golf onto your beverage cart and elevate your “on the course” beverage program. The simplest solution is utilizing our strap kit which comes with (2) 36 inch velcro straps, (4) stainless steel d-rings and (4) screws. This option is ideal when you have a horizontal support structure under the dispenser, which will support the weight and you just want to keep the unit from sliding around.


The more advanced option is our mounting bracket which comes with the aluminum bracket, (2) 36 inch velcro straps, and some screws, nuts and nylock washers, for various mounting scenarios. This option can be fastened and utilized in situations where there isn’t a horizontal support. It also works well to stabilize the dispenser if you simply want to strap it in the front seat.

What’s the difference between the Golf Kit and a standard QuikTap Tabletop dispenser?2021-04-08T17:09:38-04:00

The QuikTap kit for golf utilizes an internal check valve on the regulator assembly.  This is utilized to help avoid backflow into the regulator if the keg is mounted on a beverage golf cart.  The golf kit also comes standard with a stainless steel self closing faucet to prevent any accidental or unwanted pourings.

How many gallons or ounces do I batch the cocktail in the 2.5 gallon keg?2022-02-07T15:44:30-05:00

We recommend batching at (2) gallons or as close to 256 ounces as possible. Over filling of the keg will result in the beverage back-flowing into the regulator causing the dispenser not to work. If this happens, turn the regulator to the off positions, release all pressure in the keg by pulling up the pressure relief valve on the lid, removing the lid, and emptying out enough liquid so the gas dip tube is no longer submersed.

How do I know which poppet to put the regulator assembly on and the faucet assembly on?2021-04-08T17:08:37-04:00

On the keg you’ll see an IN poppet (male fitting) and OUT poppet (male fitting).  Black = booze.  Booze goes OUT.  Gray = gas.  Gas goes in.  Be sure to pull up on the collar on the disconnects (female fitting) and push down until you hear the distinct CLICK of the poppet and disconnect engaging properly.

Do I need to strain my ingredients before I put them into my keg?2021-04-08T17:14:11-04:00

Absolutely.  To avoid any clogging or restricted pouring, it is recommended to fine strain all ingredients before they go into the keg.  It is also recommended to avoid any overly thick mixes, such as pre-bottled bloody mary mix.

What PSI do I pour my cocktails?2021-04-08T17:07:24-04:00

On average, 4-6 PSI is normal for non-carbonated beverages.  The CO2 is simply used to push out the beverage.  If you’re pouring a carbonated beverage such as a Moscow mule, you’ll want to keep the PSI higher (15-20 PSI) and take advantage of the Perlick Flow control faucet to reduce pouring speed.

How do I keep the cocktails in the dispenser cold?2021-04-08T17:06:54-04:00

There are a few different options for this.  Many will pre-batch the cocktails and put them in the refrigerator or cooler.  In the very warm environments, we’ve seen users use a tub with ice and place the dispenser in them.  Best practice is to serve the cocktails over ice.

How many 2.5 gallon kegs will the 74g single use CO2 cylinder dispense?2021-04-08T17:06:12-04:00

The 74g CO2 cylinder is used to push the cocktail out from the keg.  Depending on many variables including ambient temperature, pouring PSI, or head space in the keg to name a few, each 74g cylinder on average will dispense qty 2, 2.25 gallon batches. The CO2 also acts as a natural preservative as well as, helping shelf life of natural ingredients.

Where can I find a manual for the CO2 Refill Station?2020-06-09T12:53:35-04:00

You can view a PDF of the C02 Refill Station Manual by clicking the following link: C02 Refill Station Manual

To download, right click and choose “Save As.”

I lost my instruction manual. Where can I get another one?2017-08-16T09:49:05-04:00

You can view a PDF of the instruction manual and Quik Start Guide by clicking the following links: Instruction Manual PDF  |  Quik Start Guide | To download, right click and choose “Save As.”

Can the QuikTap be used for other carbonated beverages besides beer?2017-08-16T09:46:41-04:00

You can dispense any beverage that comes in a keg, just make sure you have the right coupler. The QuikTap comes standard with an American style D-system keg coupler (most common). You can easily change the coupler to most other types. If you are serving highly carbonated beverages such as sodas the flow-control faucet will allow you to serve at high pressures without creating too much foam.

What size CO2 tank does it use?2017-08-16T09:45:59-04:00

The QuikTap will fit up to a 12 oz CO2 tank. For serving multiple kegs, check out the bulk adapter. You can easily connect to any size CO2 cylinder for a nearly endless supply of serving pressure.

Is the CO2 from the tank safe for consumption?2017-08-16T09:45:31-04:00

Yes. All QuikTap brand CO2 tanks are food-grade. They have been cleaned and are safe for consumption. This is why we do not recommend using other brands of CO2 tanks.

Are CO2 tanks shipped fully charged?2017-08-16T09:45:09-04:00

No. Refillable CO2 tanks are shipped empty to comply with shipping safety protocols.

Can I use other CO2 tanks?2017-08-16T09:44:41-04:00

We do not recommend using other brand CO2 tanks. Many similar tanks are NOT food-grade and have not been cleaned from the inside. Oils and other hazardous material may be left behind from the manufacturing process. All QuikTap brand CO2 tanks have been cleaned from the inside and are food-grade.

What pressure range does the regulator provide?2017-08-16T09:44:10-04:00

The adjustable regulator is designed to go between zero and 30 psi. Zero psi designates the “off” position when the regulator is fully closed.

Can I untap the keg and tap it again later?2017-08-16T09:43:43-04:00

Yes! You can easily tap and untap your keg as you please. To maintain carbonation, make sure you return the pressure to the proper level before removing the tap (approximately 10 psi for most beers, and 20-25 psi for sodas)

How much longer will my keg last?2017-08-16T09:40:34-04:00

With a normal pump tap, your keg will only last 1-2 days before turning stale and flat. With a QuikTap, the beer will stay fresh and carbonated all the way out to the date codes set by the brewery. Keeping the keg cold will also help to extend the life of your beer.