Can I use ginger beer or ginger ale in my keg?2021-02-22T14:23:21-05:00

Answer: Yes, provided it is sediment-free. Sediment buildup in the keg will adversely affect the flavor of the Highballs being produced and potentially create clogs within the draft highball system.

Can I use tap water in my keg?2021-02-22T14:20:23-05:00

Answer: Yes, but It is recommended to filter or purify water before it enters the keg. Carbonating water enhances flavor impurities in water, which may affect the taste of your Highball.

What do I do if Highballs are pouring with excessive foam?2021-02-22T14:19:22-05:00

Answer: The keg may be over-carbonated and/or the CO2 pressure is not balanced. First, ensure your PSI is set to 1 PSI per 1 foot of hose line. If this does not resolve the issue, disconnect the keg, release the CO2 pressure, remove the lid, and allow to sit for 30 mins. Lastly, reattach the lid and reconnect to the draft system.

What should I do if the gas input post leaks when filling with CO2?2021-02-22T14:04:18-05:00

Answer: Use a wrench to tighten in a clockwise direction.

What should I do if the keg leaks while filling with CO2?2021-02-22T14:05:38-05:00

Answer: Turn the Pressure Release Ring in a clockwise direction, making sure that the Pressure Relief pin is fully seated downward. 

What should I do if the carbonation lid is stuck?2021-02-22T14:16:15-05:00

Answer: Release the Carbonation Lid Lever by pulling upwards, insert the Pressure Release Pin into the keg, hold the Pressure Release Pin at an angle, rotate 90 degrees in either direction, and remove lid.

Where can I find a manual for the CO2 Refill Station?2020-06-09T12:53:35-04:00

You can view a PDF of the C02 Refill Station Manual by clicking the following link: C02 Refill Station Manual

To download, right click and choose “Save As.”

I lost my instruction manual. Where can I get another one?2017-08-16T09:49:05-04:00

You can view a PDF of the instruction manual and Quik Start Guide by clicking the following links: Instruction Manual PDF  |  Quik Start Guide | To download, right click and choose “Save As.”

Can the QuikTap be used for other carbonated beverages besides beer?2017-08-16T09:46:41-04:00

You can dispense any beverage that comes in a keg, just make sure you have the right coupler. The QuikTap comes standard with an American style D-system keg coupler (most common). You can easily change the coupler to most other types. If you are serving highly carbonated beverages such as sodas the flow-control faucet will allow you to serve at high pressures without creating too much foam.

What size CO2 tank does it use?2017-08-16T09:45:59-04:00

The QuikTap will fit up to a 12 oz CO2 tank. For serving multiple kegs, check out the bulk adapter. You can easily connect to any size CO2 cylinder for a nearly endless supply of serving pressure.

Is the CO2 from the tank safe for consumption?2017-08-16T09:45:31-04:00

Yes. All QuikTap brand CO2 tanks are food-grade. They have been cleaned and are safe for consumption. This is why we do not recommend using other brands of CO2 tanks.

Are CO2 tanks shipped fully charged?2017-08-16T09:45:09-04:00

No. Refillable CO2 tanks are shipped empty to comply with shipping safety protocols.

Can I use other CO2 tanks?2017-08-16T09:44:41-04:00

We do not recommend using other brand CO2 tanks. Many similar tanks are NOT food-grade and have not been cleaned from the inside. Oils and other hazardous material may be left behind from the manufacturing process. All QuikTap brand CO2 tanks have been cleaned from the inside and are food-grade.

What pressure range does the regulator provide?2017-08-16T09:44:10-04:00

The adjustable regulator is designed to go between zero and 30 psi. Zero psi designates the “off” position when the regulator is fully closed.

Can I untap the keg and tap it again later?2017-08-16T09:43:43-04:00

Yes! You can easily tap and untap your keg as you please. To maintain carbonation, make sure you return the pressure to the proper level before removing the tap (approximately 10 psi for most beers, and 20-25 psi for sodas)

How much longer will my keg last?2017-08-16T09:40:34-04:00

With a normal pump tap, your keg will only last 1-2 days before turning stale and flat. With a QuikTap, the beer will stay fresh and carbonated all the way out to the date codes set by the brewery. Keeping the keg cold will also help to extend the life of your beer.