How to Setup and Dispense QuikTap’s CO2 Keg Tap

Taking an up close look at the QuikTap Stainless Steel Keg Tap with Flow Control Faucet, this video takes you from start (unboxing) to crisp clean finish (pour).

Fill Station | How to Fill QuikTap’s 12oz Refillable CO2 Tank

Save time and money by refilling your own QuikTap CO2 cylinders with this easy to use fill station. Connect to your bulk source of Food Grade CO2 with a dip tube (Siphon CO2 Tank). This Fill Station comes with a digital scale to measure CO2 level.

How to Setup and Use QuikTap’s Tabletop Dispenser

Checkout the unpacking, setup and dispensing from QuikTap’s portable Tabletop Dispenser. As seen in restaurants, at festivals, event spaces, and tailgates, QuikTap’s Tabletop dispenser’s 2.5 gallon stainless steel keg holds, and dispenses, whatever you’re pouring – whether it be craft cocktails, kombucha, coffee, or your own special sweet nectar – perfectly and precisely.

How to use a Bulk CO2 source with your QuikTap Corny Keg Setup

This Gas Ball Lock Assembly for Bulk C02 allows you to hook up your Corny Keg QuikTap system to your choice of bulk gas supply – any size – any type – perfect for those events you’re really getting after it!

How to Setup and Dispense QuikTap’s Nitro Keg Tap

The QuikTap Nitro setup is simplest way to pour nitro coffee, stout beers, or even wine. See how quick and easy it is to use adapters to connect to a bulk gas source and start pouring with ease.