There is nothing like the taste of a cold beer. It’s soothing, flavorful, and satisfying. This is especially true on a hot summer day when you’re fighting the scalding temperatures outside.

While the keg has been a long time go-to solution for portable beer situations, it has its drawbacks. If you’re looking for a solution that will preserve the great taste of the beer that you love, then you need a portable beer tap. This kind of solution will give you the ultimate control over the quality of beer you drink and serve to guests.

To learn all about portable beer taps for your next party or outdoor event, read on. We’re going to cover the different options and things you need to know to preserve the quality you’ve come to expect out of your favorite beers.

What Affects Good Beer?

Many beer lovers spend a long time learning about the intricacies of what makes a good beer. Most often, they focus on the brewing process. Individual companies often distinguished themselves by how they craft their own beers. The ingredients they use, the equipment, and the rest of the process will affect the final product.

True beer connoisseurs, however, know that there’s more to a good beer than just the brewing process. How it is kept and maintained, and even handled before consumption, will all affect the overall quality.

Beer is just like any other perishable food or drink, it degrades over time which negatively impacts the overall taste.

If you’ve ever had warm, flat beer that has been sitting around for too long, you know how bad things can get.

Two primary factors influence how well beer tastes as time goes on. The first is carbonation. Like any other beverage, beer requires this carbon dioxide to maintain the bubbles and foam that define this classic beverage.

Flat beer usually tastes stale and becomes undrinkable as time goes on.

Temperature is the second important factor. All beers have a certain ideal serving temperature that changes from type, brand, and even personal preference. One of the more universally agreed upon things about beer, however, is that no one likes room temperature beer.

Beer that is left out for too long is going to quickly lose its ideal serving temperature, especially during the hot summer months.

Portable beer solutions are often designed to overcome these common issues

The Ideal Place for Beer

If you are a normal beer drinker, you probably come across a kegerator or two in your time. This is a complicated setup that is designed to store and serve beer with the ideal amount of carbonation and temperature.

Bars use these devices consistently to provide the best quality of beer they can provide to their customers.

Unfortunately, these are not necessarily the most portable devices. Most kegerators are too big, clunky, and complicated to assemble and disassemble anytime there is a party. Some are even built right into the bar, which makes it difficult to transport effectively.

The Usual Solution

How do you take beer away from a kegerator for mobile consumption? That’s usually where a keg comes in.

A common keg is designed to mimic the most basic function of a kegerator: storage. These are often giant barrels. They are generally measured by the gallon and come with a serving spout that partygoers can use to refill their cups and mugs anytime they wish.

Unfortunately, a keg doesn’t protect beer from the more common issues that will decrease the beer’s quality. Kegs vary in how well they insulate the inside temperature of the beer, meaning you have to shop around the find the best one that will keep the beer cool. They also rely on the internal carbonation of the beer, eventually resulting in a flat and stale beverage after a few hours of sitting around.

Obviously, each keg is different, but the lack of carbonation is going to be a problem if you are hoping for good tasting beer for the whole party. If you want something that will keep the taste of the beer for the entire length, you’re going to need some additional components in your arsenal. This is where a portable beer tap comes in handy.

This is where a portable beer tap comes in handy.

The Better Solution

To preserve the taste of the beer, you need two things to fix the loss of temperature and carbonation that all beer will have lost if left out for too long: insulation and carbon dioxide. Kegs can usually provide the insulation part.

Insulation comes in the form of an insulated container. Like with many other beverage containers, insulation can be made from a variety of materials such as foam, Styrofoam, and even a gap of air. Usually, these containers will have many layers that separate the beer from the outside temperature.

Depending on the brand of the keg, you can usually find a high-quality container that will keep the setup cool for a long period of time. Unfortunately, they almost always lack the means to replenish the carbonation as time goes on. Portable carbon dioxide is usually provided by a separate CO2 container.

Portable carbon dioxide is usually provided by a separate CO2 container. This is a pressurized vessel like the type of CO2 container that kegerators use. They are usually smaller and more portable.

While the keg may give you the insulation, only a portable beer tap will give you the means to keep the beer carbonated. This looks like the taps you see in kegerator systems in the bar or home environment.

They are spouts attached to a portable CO2 container that provide the same pressure necessary to pour the beer from a storage container.

A portable beer tap isn’t the only option you have to keep your beer cool and carbonated while away from the bar, but it is one of the most convenient. The alternative some people suggest the jockey box or a portable Styrofoam kegerator that might just do the trick if everything works properly.

Portable Beer Taps vs. Jockey Boxes

One of the more common DIY solutions is an insulated container that is like beverage and food containers you might cart around for a picnic. They are usually made of Styrofoam designed to protect the internal contents from the outside temperature. Sometimes, the jockey box may even be a converted food container.

These boxes often have many taps to allow many guests to refill their beverages at the same time. A CO2 container provides the necessary carbonation and pressure to use the taps. This is a portable version of the kegerator.

Unfortunately, the solution can be more expensive than the portable beer tap alternative. Unlike a simple keg, a jockey box is made up of several different parts that you need to keep track of and put together. This increases the likelihood of something going wrong like a spill or leak.

A jockey box also makes it more difficult to have a spare supply of beer for larger events and parties unless you have many boxes on hand. This will require extra taps and CO2 containers or extra assembly to switch everything out between different boxes.

While the portable beer tap solution lacks a good storage container, you can fix this issue by finding a good keg or another beverage container. Anything with a pressure seal to place the portable beer tap into will work.

This allows you to keep your beer carbonated enough to preserve its taste. Portable taps usually make it easy to switch out CO2 containers as time goes on, meaning you can keep the beer for a long time without fear of stale alcohol. These containers are also usually refillable.

If you’re looking for something that is portable, convenient, and easy to assemble, a portable beer tap is a perfect solution. You can avoid the hassle of dealing with the intricate parts of the jockey box and the bad experience of poor tasting beer at the same time.

Finding The Right Option

Finding the right portal beer tap should be your top priority if you want to get the best quality out of the beer you serve. Good beer requires the right setup for portability. The best solution will be something that keeps the beer cool and carbonated.

You might have to do a little research before you shop around! That’s where we come in.

If you’re interested in learning more about portable beer tap options or finding the right products for your setup, check us out. We offer many taps, accessories, and even nitro based keg systems for all your mobile needs.