74g CO2 | 12 Pack


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Includes a bulk pack of (12) beverage grade, 74g CO2, single use gas cylinders.

  • 99.5% Pure Beverage-Grade CO2 Gas: Our 99.5% pure CO2 gas ensures a clean, crisp taste for your beverages, completely free from oils, particulates, and other contaminants.
  • Thread size is 5/8″-18 UNF: With a thread size of 5/8″-18 UNF, our CO2 cylinders are universally compatible and can easily fit most dispensing systems (including all QuikTap systems that use single-use cylinders), making setup and swapping cylinders a breeze.
  • Preferred gas to dispense Beer, Cold Brew Coffee, Kombucha, Batch Cocktails: Whether it’s beer, cold brew coffee, kombucha, or batch cocktails, our CO2 is the preferred choice for dispensing a wide range of beverages, offering you endless possibilities.
  • Empty steel cylinders are recyclable: Eco-Friendly Choice – Our steel cylinders are recyclable, so you can enjoy your favorite carbonated beverages while reducing your environmental impact.
  • Electrically sealed cylinders: Safety First – Our cylinders are electrically sealed for maximum safety, giving you peace of mind while you enjoy your favorite drinks.

*NOTE: Can only be shipped via ground transportation due to DOT regulations. 

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In stock (can be backordered)


Have you ever tried to pour your favorite beverage and…nothing? Running out of CO2 at the worst possible time is a terrible feeling! With our single-use CO2 cylinders, you’ll never have to worry about a surprise empty tank again. Simply swap the canister out for a full one, and you’ll be pouring again in seconds.

The superior quality of QuikTap’s 74g CO2 cartridges make them your perfect food-grade beverage gas solution designed specifically for beverage applications and use with QuikTap dispensers. Our top-of-the-line cartridges are the preferred choice for the beverage industry, and work for dispensing all beverages, including draft beer, batch cocktails, kombucha, cold brew coffee, soft drinks, and hard seltzer, and even carbonated water.

Unlike other compressed gas suppliers, we ensure our gas cylinders are filled with 99.5% pure food-grade carbon dioxide, exceeding the purity rating necessary for human consumption and making them the ideal beer gas-grade CO2 for beverage use. This is the main difference between our food-grade CO2 and industrial-grade CO2, which may have high benzene levels and high levels of various other impurities. Unlike paintball CO2 or other industrial use CO2, the purity level of our beverage-grade CO2 ensures that it is free from an amount of impurities that could cause even a slight difference in your beverage’s taste.

These food grade cartridges are perfect any beverage application and are compatible with both QuikTap Tabletop Dispensers and QuikTap SS keg taps. They align with the FDA’s requirement for food-grade tanks and cylinders in the food industry. Each cartridge is carefully crafted with a universal 5/8″-18 UNF thread size, perfect for all QuikTap products that support the use of high pressure cylinders. Because the closures are welded, these food-grade cylinders have a very long shelf life.

Each steel cartridge is recyclable, making us a responsible choice in the face of the various environmental challenges. Our carbon dioxide supply is sourced from natural gas, further highlighting our commitment to sustainable practices.

Feel free to contact us anytime for additional information about how incorporating QuikTap products into your beverage program can improve portability, speed of service, consistency, and profitability. While you’re here, explore our other products like starter kits, bulk kegs, sankey systems, and ball lock systems. We’re not just a gas supplier; we’re a trusted partner in your beverage production process. With QuikTap’s 74g CO2 cartridges, you can always trust the level of purity in the gas dispensing your beverage, ensuring the best experience for your customers. QuikTap: the best in beverage dispensing solutions.

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