Let’s get this party started!

You made a great choice and purchased a QuikTap to dispense your prized beverage.  But now what?   Our slogan at QuikTap is “Pourtability Re[de]fined”.  This means you can now take both your on-site and off premise pouring to a different level with less setup and tear down time/cost and more exposure to new markets than ever before.  With QuikTap,  you now have a new convenience in pouring that does not compromise the quality of your beverage, anywhere the party takes you. 

1,000 Reasons

With any innovation comes lots of education.  We’ve spent countless hours on calls, text, emails, and presentations teaching how to best incorporate QuikTap into different business models.  We have a trail system in Colorado using QuikTap that partners with local brewers to provide free beer in exchange for maintenance on the trails.  We have customers renting QuikTaps with their kegs to home uses – allowing their patrons to enjoy an awesome keg of beer over a few weeks.  We have event spaces switching over to draft beer from can service to eliminate waste.  We have breweries offering limited hours for special releases that service from their QuikTap behind the bar – eliminating the need to dedicate (and clean) an entire draft line.  There are QuikTap users sponsoring athletic events and pouring their beer at the finish line setting up and moving on in record times.  Mobile bars and trailers are now able to simply tap kegs and offer draft beer with ease.  There are new satellite bars and outdoor areas getting set up (especially post COVID-19) eliminating pinch points and lines.  I could go on and on…

Wine Barrel Tap

Are You Cut-Out For This?!

 Click here to download a PDF template for the tap cutout.  The printed PDF is to scale.  Simply print and trace on your desired bar top and cut out.  The QuikTap with 12oz refillable CO2 tank will fit when inserted from the bottom up.  

Click to download pdf template

Presentation Is Everything

Your QuikTap bar is a representation of you – your brand – and naturally you want it to be intriguing and inviting.   An  organized clean space with a professional look can make you stand out and draw a crowd.   It’s time to get those creative juices flowing!  The possibilities are endless.  You could use wine barrels, old apple crates, repurposed barn wood, plywood, or a simple 8″ folding table with your logoed  tablecloth covering.  Obviously, each display creation is dependent on its location, and how portable you want it to be. 

Don’t forget to leave space for your swag, beverage information signage, cups (if necessary) and other marketing/promotional items. 

Questions To Ask Yourself

  • How many taps will I have pouring? Single tap or 4+? 
  • What sized kegs will be used?  Spacing your cut-outs can change depending on your keg sizes.
  • Am I allowing enough room in the design to change out kegs with ease?
  • How mobile does this bar need to be? Adding casters to the bottom can help!
  • Are you going to take this on the road, or set up a semi-permanent satellite bar on location?
  • Wine Barrel Tap
  • Wine Barrel Tap
  • Wine Barrel Tap

Pro Tips

  • When creating your bar, think of changing out a keg.  We suggest building a setup that has a simple to remove top, allowing easy access to each keg.  We’ve also seen them built with enough room below to simply un-tap the keg, replace it, and tap a new keg. 
  • Keep it clean and tidy.  Use a drip tray for each tap.  Ditch the trash can with ice and purchase our keg cooler. 
  • Use your bar as a marketing piece.  The table top is valuable real estate which previously was taken over by a jockeybox.  Use all this new free space to your advantage!

Whether you are setting up for a beer festival, special wine tasting event, hosting a graduation party, tailgate or just an epic backyard bash, creating a display around your QuikTap will drastically improve the pouring experience.  Where are the cups? Well… next to the beer tap.  Where are the napkins? Well… right next to the cups!  It’s a simple concept that is often overlooked.  The old ways of trash cans full of ice and a hand pumps pulling in ambient O2 killing your beer in a day are over.  The avoidable messes and ugly keg pouring stations are gone.  

Have photos of your QuikTap bar?  Send them to us at info@quiktap.com.  If you have any questions or want more information from us, don’t hesitate to give us a call 855-784-5827.  Cheers!