For far too long, the pump keg tap has been the standard for portable draft beer.  Sure it’s convenient, but it comes at a huge cost by using air pressure to dispense instead of CO2. Oxygen and bacteria in the surrounding air cause beer to rapidly spoil and lose carbonation resulting in a stale, flat beer. 

The QuikTap SS combines all the elements of a commercial draft system into one convenient portable package and keeps your beer fresh and carbonated for months with no pumping required. That means, if you don’t finish your keg right away, you can just tap it again later.  It starts paying for itself on the very first keg. 

How does the QuikTap not ruin the beer? 

The QuikTap dispenses beer with a continuous supply of CO2 pressure. By preventing oxygen exposure, beer stays fresh and carbonated. Simply tap the keg, adjust the regulator to the desired pouring pressure and you’re ready to go!

The 30PSI  regulator gauge lets you control precise control of your serving pressure. For ultimate control, the QuikTap-SS comes with a Perlick 650ss flow control faucet.  With the flow control, you can easily add restriction to serve highly carbonated beers or even soft drinks. 

All QuikTaps are fitted with compact 12oz refillable CO2 tank that are inexpensive and easy to fill.  If you have access to bulk CO2, refilling your tank is even simpler and less expensive with one of our fill stations. You are also able to convert your regulator to use 74g single use CO2 cylinders with the use of our cylinder adapter.  

Beer Tap

The QuikTap is only 12” long leaving only a few drops of wasted beer.  With such a short draw, it wastes almost nothing and takes only a few minutes to clean up with the QuikTap Cleaning Kit (for sanke D type kegs).  After a long day, the last thing you want to do is to spend a ton of time cleaning up. The QuikTap greatly simplifies everything so you can spend more time enjoying the party and your beer with friends. 

With QuikTap, setting up to serve draft beer couldn’t possibly be any easier. Whether you’re tapping a keg as a vendor at a beer festival, restaurant or bar, or just setting up for a backyard BBQ, QuikTap is clearly the best way to tap a keg and not ruin the beer. 

So there you have it – an all-in-one portable keg tap that is extremely convenient, simple to use and easy to clean up.  Best of all, the QuikTap will keep your beer fresh and carbonated all the way to the last pour. 

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