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In today’s climate, it can sometimes be challenging or inconvenient to find a reputable gas supplier to fill your 12oz. refillable CO2 tanks.  If you don’t have the space or time to utilize our CO2 Fill Station used with a Siphon CO2 tank (view the video of the fill station in action here),  taking advantage of our Single Use CO2 Cylinder Adapter  might be the solution you’ve been looking for.CO2 Beer Gas Adapter

With the use of our Single Use CO2 Cylinder Adapter, you can now retrofit your standard 12oz QuikTap® regulator into a Single Use Gas regulator, allowing the use of our beverage grade Single Use 74g CO2 cylinders.  The adapter is necessary because of the different thread sizes each gas cylinder has.  Each Single use 74g CO2 gas cylinder will dispense 1/6bbl or 5 gallons on average (considering variables mentioned below) and provides a consistent gas source and unmatched convenience.  

Watch the videos

Although the Single Use Gas conversion process is nearly identical for both the QT-SS and the QT-TD Tabletop Dispenser, we created brief step by step videos showing you how it’s done specifically for each version. The QT-SS video dives a little deeper with narration.  Enjoy!

QT-SS Single Use Gas Conversion

See how to convert the QT-SS refillable CO2 regulator into a single use CO2 gas regulator with the use of our QuikTap adapter.  Transforming your gas source to the QuikTap beverage grade, single use 74g CO2 cartridges is simple and offers unmatched convenience.

Pro Tips & Helpful Info

  • Insert adapter securely in regulator before installing the single use gas cartridge
  • Insert the single use gas cylinder into the regulator quickly and securely (if you go too slow you will lose gas before making a good seal)
  • Put your spent gas cylinders in the recycle bin
  • Always have spare gas cylinders and the Single Use Gas Cylinder Adapter with you, just in case!
  • Remember to fully use the gas cylinder before disengaging the cylinder from the regulator

Dispensing Variables

There are variables that come into play when determining beverage dispensing averages such as:

  • The temperature of the CO2 Tank when dispensing (warmer is better as CO2 expands when warm) 
  • The ambient air temperature when you dispense (the CO2 will expand when warmer and will dispense more efficiently)
  • The PSI required to dispense your craft beverage
  • Whether or not you are starting will a full keg (amount of headspace) 

It’s time to get (and keep) this party going!  If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you.  Drop us a line at 855-784-5827 or

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