We always enjoy getting to know our customers.  What are they doing?  How are they incorporating QuikTap in their business model?  What issues or pinch points are they experiencing, and how can we best help out?  We learn a lot.

We spent some time with Ross from unMuddled and here’s what he had to say:

I don’t remember how we came to find QuikTap, but I remember why we were excited that we did! Providing a service that is difficult to differentiate within a competitive market (Chicago), we are always in search of ways to capture the attention of new customers.  Something that fits our vibe, meaning it enables us to provide hospitality in a unique way, while still remaining approachable and maintaining quality. With that in mind, when we came across the QuikTap Tabletop dispenser — a super portable and sleek, branded keg that dispenses consistent cocktails — it was an immediate “add to cart” moment.

At unMuddled, we aim to promote genuine hospitality through interactive and approachable cocktail experiences. We provide mobile and experiential bar services for weddings and events, as well as facilitate interactive private and corporate mixology classes. Every business decision we make is centered around what will provide the most hospitable experience for our guests. To that end, our QuikTap allows us to provide an efficient and novel drink option at large events, enables us to serve an easily-executed “welcome drink” to our mixology class participants, and since it’s so simple to set up and use, we can always reliably “set it and forget it” to concentrate on other aspects of service.

We do this all while promoting our brand in a tasteful and effective way. When a guest sees a drink dispensed from our unMuddled-branded QuikTap, questions and intrigue ALWAYS follow. We welcome the conversation that interaction facilitates! It’s a much more authentic, discrete, and (of course) hospitable introduction to our brand than, say, obnoxious signage or a branded table cloth.

Truth be told, due to COVID-19 and social gathering limits, we haven’t been using our QuikTap as much as we’d like to be these last few months. With that, we’ve been fortunate for the trust to serve at some smaller events, and grateful for our customers (in Chicago, and now across the country) that have welcomed our pivot to virtual mixology classes and experiences. And while we can’t pour our virtual guests a drink from our QuikTap, it’s an eye-catching staple in the background of our camera-shot during virtual classes!

Once it’s safe to do so, we look forward to transitioning our QuikTap from a virtual background “statement piece,” back to a core part of our in-person cocktail offerings. In the meantime, we hope that everyone stays safe and healthy, and would love to provide you with “unMuddled Hospitality” sometime soon, whether in-person or virtually.

With that, thanks for your time and cheers to QuikTap for their great products, continued support, and genuine customer service!

QuikTap Tips:

  • We find that “stirred” cocktails work best in a batched format – Old Fashioneds, Manhattans, Negronis, etc.  If we had to choose, these are the types of drinks we’d recommend to be served via our QuikTap dispenser.  That said, “shaken” cocktails work great too! After dispensed, we often choose to “top” those drinks with a little sparkling water (or other carbonated beverage) to order, to ensure some extra bubbles.

  • Don’t forget about dilution!  If you are serving straight from your QuikTap to your guests, remember that you’re missing out on the dilution you get from shaking or stirring. This means your drinks may be much stronger than you intend. So be sure to add water to dilute your batched cocktails, as needed!  It varies, but a good rule of thumb is to add ~25%-30% water to your cocktail batch to account for dilution.

You can find Ross here:

Instagram/Facebook: @drinkunmuddled

Website: www.unmuddledbartending.com

Email: ross@unmuddledbartending.com