How to convert an existing Sanke beer keg line to Cornelius style keg for cocktails on tap.

Want your favorite cocktail on tap in your kegerator or need to replace an underperforming beer on tap at your restaurant? QuikTap’s Cocktail on Draft conversion kit makes it easy.  QuikTap’s Corny Keg Cocktail on Draft Kit has what you need to add batch cocktails to your existing draft system or kegerator.

What comes in the kit?CORNKIT2-NEW-624x624

  • (1) New 5 Gallon Corny Keg
  • 8’ Gas Tubing 5/16”
  • 8’ Beverage Ultra Barrier Tubing3/16”
  • Cocktail on Draft Adapter Kit – (which includes) Gas Ball Lock Disconnect with Check Valve | Liquid Ball Lock Disconnect | (7) Beverage & Gas Tube ¼ – ⅝ Adjustable SS Clamps | 1/4″ Swivel Nut Stem w/ Barb | 3/8″ Swivel Nut Stem w/Barb | SS splicer 3/16″ x 3/16″ Barb | SS splicer 5/16″ x 5/16″ Barb

Before you get started:

You will be replacing the standard beer Sanke keg coupler to adapt to a Cornelius style 2 post keg to serve your cocktails. Be sure the CO2 /Nitrogen gas source is turned to the OFF position and the draft beverage lines are cleaned or replaced before or during this conversion to preserve the integrity of beverage taste.


Sanke Style Beer Keg


Cornelius Style Keg for Cocktails on Tap

Tools You’ll Need:

  • Tube cutter
  • 9/16 wrench
  • Flat head screwdriver

Step #1 Locate the keg, coupler with the both gas & liquid lines you’re wanting to change out of your draft system. If you are installing new lines, 8’ of both beverage line and gas lines are included as well as splicers if you need to extend or replace current configuration.


Step #2 Disconnect the coupler from the keg and remove the Sanke keg.


Step #3 With your tube cutter, cut both the gas and liquid lines and remove the Sanke coupler.


Step #4 From the small parts bag, find the gray gas disconnect and hand fasten the 3/8” Swivel nut stem with barb. Follow the same process with the black liquid disconnect and the ¼” Swivel Nut Stem with barb. Tighten both of the hex nuts with the 9/16” wrench.


Step #5 Starting with the gas line, slide the adjustable clamp up the line and insert the gray gas disconnect barb into the 5/16’ tubing until the barb is completely covered. Align the adjustable clamp over the barb and using a flathead screwdriver, turn the screw clockwise until you see the clamp pinching the gas line tube. Follow this same process with the black liquid disconnect.


Step #6 Place the new 5 gallon Cornelius style keg into position. Connect the gray gas disconnect to the IN keg post and the black liquid disconnect to the OUT keg post by pulling up on the collar and pushing down onto the keg posts until you hear the click.


Step #7 Double check you have the correct pouring PSI set on your regulator and turn on your gas source. Let the keg charge and then pull the handle on your faucet to dispense!

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