QuikTap Tabletop Dispensers were designed with modularity in mind. We understand that there are many variables in our customer’s day-to-day portable dispensing needs, whether you are pouring your craft at festivals, for demonstration, at trade shows, for catering, rentals, etc… and we have the right gas delivery option for your needs. QuikTap gas delivery is defined by the vessel or gas cylinder in which you intend to dispense your craft beverage portably as well as the type of gas required. QuikTap’s gas delivery options for the Tabletop Dispensers are:

  1. Single Use Gas Cylinders (74g CO2 or 18g N2)
  2. Bulk Gas Source via our Bulk Gas Ball Lock Assembly (CO2 or N2/Ar)

There are variables that come into play when determining beverage dispensing averages, such as:

  • The temperature of the CO2 Tank when dispensing (warmer is better as CO2 expands when warm)
  • The ambient air temperature when you dispense (the CO2 will expand when warmer and will dispense more efficiently)
  • Whether or not you are starting will a full keg (amount of headspace)
  • The PSI required to dispense your craft beverage

QuikTap Single Use Gas Cylinders

Single use gas cylinders offer convenience and a consistent gas source to use with your QuikTap Tabletop Dispenser. Available in 74 gram beverage grade CO2 or 18 gram beverage grade N2, the single use gas option offers versatility for all craft beverages, based on your specific needs. With the use of our Single Use Gas Cylinder Adapter you can retrofit your QuikTap to switch from the 12oz Refillable CO2 Tank to single use gas cylinders as they have a different thread size, or you can purchase a QuikTap Tabletop Dispenser set up with a single gas regulator. The single use gas cylinder option is perfect for renting out your QuikTap or as an insurance policy when at larger pouring events as a backup. The single use gas cylinders are popular with folks that produce/dispense spirits, kombucha, beer, wine and coffee.

You can expect to dispense approximately 5 gallons or 2 of the Tabletop Dispenser kegs per 74g single use CO2 cylinder as an average, keeping in mind the previously mentioned variables.

Pro Tips and Helpful Info

  • If using the adapter from 12oz to single use, insert adapter securely in regulator before installing the single use gas cartridge
  • Make sure you insert the single use gas cylinder into the regulator quickly and securely (if you go too slow you will lose gas before making a good seal)
  • Put your spent gas cylinders in the recycle bin
  • Always have spare gas cylinders and the Single Use Gas Cylinder Adapter with you, just in case!
  • Remember to fully use the gas cylinder before disengaging the cylinder from the regulator
  • Make sure the Pressure Relief Valve on the lid is closed prior to charging your system with gas
Single Use Gas Dispenser

QuikTap Bulk Gas Setup

There may be times when you will be really getting after it and pouring large volume, or unknown volume. In this case, the QuikTap family of products are able to dispense from a bulk CO2 or N2 or Ar tank, depending on your preference or needs. Your QuikTap tap Tabletop Dispenser is available to connect to a bulk gas cylinder via our Gas Ball Lock Assembly  (View the N2 & Ar version here).  Simply remove the standard QuikTap regulator assembly and attach the gray ball lock disconnect in its place, set your desired pouring pressure on the Taprite dual gauge regulator, and you are good to go. 

You can see this illustrated clearly in the video here. 

Pro Tips and Helpful Info

  • Make sure you have a full, bulk, CO2 or N2 gas cylinder filled with beverage grade gas from a reputable gas supplier
  • Set your primary regulator at your desired pouring pressure.  If you accidentally fill your Tabletop dispenser with too much pressure, simply pull up on the Pressure Relief Valve on the lid of the keg to release unwanted pressure.
  • If you already have the CO2 Bulk Gas Ball Lock Assembly and want to switch to N2 or Ar, you can purchase the CO2 to Nitrogen/Argon adapter.
  • Make sure the Pressure Relief Valve on the lid is closed prior to charging your system with gas
Cocktails on Tap Bulk Gas

Whether you’re pouring your craft cocktails at a festival, wedding, behind the bar, at the Farmer’s Market, or any space in between, QuikTap has the setup that fits you and your business needs.  Time to get this party started – Cheers!

If you have any additional questions or feedback, contact us by phone 855-784-5827 or email info@quiktap.com.